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The Journey Towards Net Carbon Zero Office and Laboratory Interiors

Our commitment to carbon neutrality and the innovations powering our environmental journey to become net carbon zero workplace and laboratory creators.

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We know that our dedication to the workplace wellbeing of our employees and the health of the planet matters to you and your workplace design projects. Hence we’ve become a carbon neutral workplace provider, recognising our responsibility to guarantee that our work always considers the serious impact that it has on the planet.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Each consecutive year of record temperatures, bush fires, drought, flash floods, and rising sea levels sharpens the public’s sense of urgency to tackle the climate crisis. Together, building and construction are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world and new construction is expected to double the worlds building stock by 2060 causing an increase in the carbon emissions occurring right now.

The climate crisis is here and we feel as the creators of tomorrows laboratory workspaces we have an urgent responsibility to embed resilience into our projects.

Recognising the scale and approach we need in combating the existential problem that our planet is currently facing we want to be a catalyst for change in our industry. While we fully acknowledge that we’re a long way from perfect, we’ve taken a big step to understand and reduce our own carbon footprint.

Our carbon neutral plight first began back in 2019 when we became Carbon Assessed, allowing us to identify key areas to focus our reduction efforts. Since then we have efficiently decreased our emissions and through the process of carbon offsetting we have been able to gain carbon neutral status.

While we are committed to continuing with green infrastructure projects, we feel we can make
real change in re-programming how we design, develop and operate space. We are working towards a new roadmap for our business moving forward, detailing the interventions and changes we intend to make on projects and from an operational standpoint, and the key milestones we will use to track our progress along the way we feel we can make lasting change and build sustainability into everything we do. We are committed to furthering our positive impact and want to go beyond carbon neutrality in 2021.

Creating the spaces of tomorrow requires the ability to think big, collaborate widely and build a real capacity for change. We recognise that our activities must not only benefit our clients stakeholders, supply chain and employees, but also benefit those people whom our projects impact, now and in the future, making sure that future generations have a planet to work on.

Across our global team we have experience in achieving a range of industry leading sustainability certifications including, The WELL Building Standard, SKA and LEED. We continue to push the boundaries of best practice metrics delivering transformative results for employee wellbeing and business transformation. If you’d like to chat to one of our team about embedding sustainability into your next laboratory or workspace – contact us here.