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Embodying brand in laboratories

Your laboratory and workspace design is an opportunity to connect your team with your company's brand, values and culture.

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Your laboratory and workspace design is an opportunity to imprint your corporate branding into real life. It helps to knit together the DNA of your company and remind your employees not only why your organisation exists but encourage behaviours that are consistent with your brand, culture and purpose.

Branding should be incorporated into many design elements, kept consistent and represent a cohesiveness in the workplace. While the slides and cubby houses seen at Google HQ might not be suitable in your workplace, many modern workplaces and laboratories incorporate their branding in their design. This can be through graphic design elements, finishes, furniture or custom wayfinding.

Connecting your employees to your brand

Businesses have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship between the brand and their employees. Your team can often be overlooked as your best brand ambassadors. When employees have a connection with the brand they work for, they naturally implement these values into their work.

Consider telling the history of your brand graphically in wall art, wayfinding or bespoke furniture and joinery. Look to incorporate your mission into the very fabric of your workplace. Create a space in which everyone can understand your company goals and inspire your staff to work towards them.

Branding your laboratory

A brand is not just a logo, it is built upon values and beliefs. By portraying this into your workplace and laboratory workspaces you are reinforcing your story. As well as creating a full brand experience from the moment you step through the door. This can help in the attraction and retention of staff and potential investors helping you to stand out and demonstrate scientific credibility.

While laboratories often face restrictions in terms of décor due to sanitary, health and safety the use of brand colours is a simple yet recognisable way to associate the space with your brand. Allowing you to ultimately embed how you want employees and guests to connect to your brand when in the workplace.

The layout of the laboratory and workspace is key to guiding how employees work individually and together. You may want to ensure your layout means you can see between the laboratory and the open plan space. This encourages collaboration and openness as well as opting for when private work needs to be done. There is no right or wrong way, but the design should be carefully considered and aligned with your companies values and working activities in mind as it is ultimately will control how your team works.

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