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Real Chemistry

Real Chemistry is a global health innovation company focussed on creating memorable end-to-end health care experiences. After a period of accelerated growth in the UK market the Real Chemistry team tasked us with creating an innovative space to support their now and future team, that would promote cross team collaboration to build loyalty while enhancing productivity.


  • Medium (18,266 sq. ft)


  • London

Introducing collaborative workspace to bring people together

Moving into the redeveloped Fruit and Wool Exchange building in east London, the Real Chemistry team acquired a floor plate with lots of natural daylight and amazing views of London. Introducing collaborative working space to bring people together was the key design vision but also maximising potential views of the surrounding London architecture.

Formulating the right team adjacencies, while also catering for predicted future expansion required us to work closely with the Real Chemistry workplace team. The consequent floor plan has been arranged so that open plan desking is placed to the perimeter to maximise access to natural light, creating fresh and comfortable space. Each of the 5 teams has their own collection of varying styles of collaboration space, ensuring everyone’s working needs are catered for. Ad hoc meeting spaces were then incorporated to help connect different business units working together.

Thoughtfully exposed services make the space more modern and industrial in style, aligning with the surrounding area, while light timber elements combined with a mix of calm blue tones come together to create a comfortable and warm feeling to the space. The diverse offering of breakout spaces spread over the floor plate serve the different moods and moments staff may face throughout their day.

Design detailing representing corporate branding

As a company delivering digital marketing services to the healthcare sector, it was important the overall feeling of the office wasn’t too corporate but maintained a level of sophistication. Taking cues from the Real Chemistry brand identity, our design concept made use of the 3 main elements that make up their brand of liquid, solid and gas and applied them to the architecture of the space. Each element is represented graphically using line, repeating diagonal lines represent solid, circles represent gas and undulating lines represent liquid. These can be seen running concurrently throughout the space, used to create form in architectural elements such as booth seating, as well as reception joinery and even incorporated into the kitchen tiling.

An inviting ‘town hall’ space central to all staff

One of the most welcoming spaces is the centrally located kitchen and ‘town hall’ area designed for both casual meet ups and large employee gatherings. The space has a range of seating options from tiered bleacher style seating, custom designed booths and flexible café style seating as well as a stage platform with AV capability so that the whole team can connect to their offices in other locations across the globe. The overall design resolution of the space has lifted the Real Chemistry team, developing stronger lines of cross collaboration between teams and ultimately a more entrepreneurial landscape producing collective results.

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