Combining our three core specialisms with cross sector experience from a world-class team, we transform businesses through the built environment and enhance the way people work.

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The new value of the workplace lies in its ability to create connections, foster collaboration and facilitate learning. AIS has 42 years of experience designing and delivering engaging workplace design solutions to clients across the globe.

We work with clients in more than 22 countries and it’s due to our depth of experience that we are able to deliver innovative workspace solutions that encompass market leading design, strategy and change management, furniture, brand experience, technology and delivery expertise to create complete workplace environments.

Assisted by technology we integrate the collective intelligence of different platforms across all phases of your project, enabling us to align your budget and design vision. We use BIM to design in data analysis and efficiency, while our in-house CGI, VR and AI capability offers a unique opportunity to preview your designs, which together enable us to create workplaces that inspire the next generation of workers.

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Life Sciences

We bring together a team of experienced science and laboratory design specialists and pair them with our expert delivery professionals to provide specialist office and laboratory fit-out and refurbishment solutions to a range of pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies.

By balancing the requirements for dynamic laboratory and office space, health and safety compliance, hazard identification and mitigation, equipment needs and the use of bespoke technology, we deliver pioneering laboratory spaces that allow our clients to lead scientific and technology innovation.

In understanding the needs of scientists and technicians we design in agility from day one, prioritising the creation of flexible working environments that can be continually adapted and go beyond what has been discovered before.

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We work with a range of developers, landlords and corporations to change and reposition commercial office buildings to attract a diverse range of tenants and demographics. Our seasoned team of traditional construction, M&E and delivery professionals combine their technical excellence with the insight of our global team to deliver smarter, leaner and faster projects that optimise the performance of your asset.

Once we understand the objectives of your model, we utilize our own research and market knowledge to analyse and define the optimal size, space plan, building performance and occupancy level that will maximise appeal to your target market.

Our team is well versed in transforming your building interior from a concrete shell into a functioning and habitable working space ready for lease. We can assist you at any point along the RIBA Plan of Work model, offering a full-service portfolio, capable of delivering construction projects for developers, architects and landlords.

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Adjusting the traditional concept of the workplace to new requirements for today’s rapidly changing workforce, our workplace design and build experts can help you define and deliver a co-working space to suit the needs of any occupier.

Utilising our industry experience we can assist you in defining your unique coworking offering, determine the right density and subsequent desk rent valuations, as well as take care of the design and delivery of a successful coworking facility in any location across the globe.

In understanding the need for flexibility in any co-working space, we create workspaces that facilitate a wide variety of professionals with both open and private settings for the work needs of every member.

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