Combining our three core specialisms with cross sector experience from a world-class team, we transform businesses through the built environment and enhance the way people work.

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Effective laboratory and workplace consultancy enabling you to fully understand the workflows of your organization enabling the creation of a frictionless work experience.

Understanding processes and workflows for future optimization

Whether it be a small-scale research laboratory or complex R&D facility, science programs vary widely and many require specialist laboratories, laboratory furniture and fittings. The first step in ensuring your future lab and workspace responds directly to the scientific and research needs of your team is to take a deep dive into your current working practices.

Our team of specialist strategists have the experience and insight to challenge conventional thinking about what ‘work’ is and how it should be performed, developing solutions tailored to your business goals and the unique requirements of your organisation.

Our approach to workplace consultancy will start with an initial assessment of your current workplace and laboratory process work flows, alongside behavioural and demographic profiling of your team, providing qualitative and quantitative data points allowing us to create measurable workplace strategy solutions that will ensure the final design fully aligns with the client expectations, improving scientific research and production.

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