Combining our three core specialisms with cross sector experience from a world-class team, we transform businesses through the built environment and enhance the way people work.

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We design intuitive workspaces and laboratories that transform the way you work, advancing scientific work and keeping your staff safe and comfortable ready to tackle your next innovation.

Innovative lab and workspace design for the Life Sciences sector

Integrating and designing lab and workspaces for the Life Science sector is a multi-faceted challenge that plays a huge part in the research process and requires a considered approach to promote efficient work practices.

Combining our 40 years experience designing and delivering commercial office spaces, with expert knowledge from our team of Life Sciences specialists, we can help you to enhance employee experience through your lab and workplace designs, identifying financial efficiencies and opportunities for greater flexibility and agility, allowing your business to remain nimble and at the forefront of scientific innovation.

Whether it be a wet lab, dry lab, testing or research lab, while not all lab spaces are created equal each should priorities safety, productivity and adaptability enabling your team to remain responsive to research methods and practices that will undoubtably change over time. When designing laboratory and workspaces our team of lab experts, workplace design, technology and compliance professionals will work alongside you to understand your processes and workflows and research requirements to develop your project brief, while looking at your business and workspace holistically to create people centric spaces that promote the ways in which people work, meet, interact, and relax at work.

We take the best aspects from office workplace design into the life science sector, creating amazing laboratories and workplaces for scientist.

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